Parent’s Corner- Christmas Magic Lost and Found


Dear Sue Ellen,


Last week our 10-year-old son told my 5-year-old daughter that Santa isn’t real. I think it has ruined Christmas for her this year. It has taken the fun out of it for all of us. I would like to find a way to bring back the Christmas spirit.




Dear Cheryl,


You can bring back the Christmas spirit to your family this year.  Here are some things to think about.  It’s the celebration of a miracle birth that is the most precious gift we will ever receive.  During the Christmas season, we hear beautiful holiday music, we see dazzling lights nearly everywhere we look, and people reach out to each other with assorted gifts and talk of peace and goodwill toward men.  Who doesn’t love the smell and taste of Christmas cookies and holiday cuisine?


We all experience holiday stressors: squabbling kids during the school break, the holiday shopping frenzy, weight gain, and concerns about spending too much money.  In spite of all the demands on you, do something special for yourself.  After a long day of holiday busyness, take a moment to walk outside.  Look up and see the wonderment of the night sky.  If you just relax and stand quietly, you will feel something in the air.  The hustle and bustle of the day has surrendered to an air of calmness and peace.  That is pure magic.


Don’t limit your family to Santa as the reason for the season.  Search for the magic.

This is your opportunity to teach your kids to love Christmas beyond Santa.  The holiday memories you make with your children will last them a lifetime.  When they are grown up, with families of their own, your children will (hopefully) laugh about the year your daughter was told Santa wasn’t real.


Dear readers, if you’ve experienced a Christmas miracle, would you be willing to share it with us?  Please email your Christmas miracle to and put “Parent’s Corner” in the Subject line.  I look forward to hearing from you!


Merry Christmas!