Anger Management

This is our description of our classes which are currently for women who are in the probation system. Please contact Alexandria Long – 254-239-6950

Overview of CAPP Curriculum

A Nonviolence curriculum for women.

“CAPP” is a group curriculum for women who have been violent in their intimate partner relationships, in retaliation for the abuse that has been placed on them.


  • To help women understand the violence in their lives
  • To help women take concrete steps to end the violence in their lives; both the violence they are experiencing and the violence they are using

Primary Objectives

  • To help women step back from the immediacy of their situations to see the bigger picture. When women understanding the forces in their lives they can chart a plan of action to reduce their use of violence and the violence being used against them.
  • To challenge mystical thinking
  • To facilitate dialogue leading participants to seek an explanation of what it is they are going through and what they might do to shape a future free from abuse, coercion, and violence; both their own violence and the violence used against them.
  • Two create two hours a week in which women’s experience differs qualitatively from that of a controlling and abusive relationship.

Please contact Alexandria Long – 254-239-6950