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Recognizing the signs of child abuse – from the Temple Daily Telegram

Dr. Nishath Farhad Children’s Health Matters( Dr. Nishath Farhad is a pediatric resident at Baylor Scott & White McLane Children’s Medical Center) Unfortunately, child abuse is far too prevalent and often goes unnoticed, or worse, ignored. The number of children suffering each year from abuse is staggering. According to the Texas Department of Family and […]

Parent’s Corner – How Far Would You Go?

  1-22-17   Dear Sue Ellen   My family don’t like my boyfriend.  We have a baby and I want my family to be around us buy my boyfriend says no.  Sometime he gets real mad and pushes me around a little bit.  That’s why my family doesn’t like him.  I know he don’t mean […]

Parent’s Corner- Sweet Girl

1-16-17   Dear Sue Ellen   I have spent the last 17 years raising my daughter and she is acting like she can’t get away from me fast enough.  I have given her everything she ever wanted and she never shows gratitude. She ignores me except when she wants something from me.  It’s all about […]

Parent’s Corner – Friend Me

Dear Sue Ellen   I am a mom and I’ve heard that child molesters, hackers, and kidnappers monitor kids online.  Is this something I should talk to my kids about? Molly   Dear Molly:   Here’s the short answer:  YES!   Socialization among youths has drastically changed over the past few years, and it is […]

Parent’s Corner – Bad Party

  1-2-17 Dear Sue Ellen, Me and my boyfriend were at a party, and it got real weird.  He’d had a few beers is all. Suddenly, he got mad and started screaming and then he tried to hit me and I don’t know why.  We’ve lived together for five years and have a couple of […]

Parent’s Corner – Me & My Stepson

  12-26-16   Dear Sue Ellen,   I got remarried last year and my 12-year-old stepson moved in with us a month ago.  He is a total brat when he’s with me and acts angelic when he is with his dad.  I tried to talk to my husband about it but he doesn’t believe me […]

Parent’s Corner – How Far Should We Go?

Parent’s Corner       Dear Sue Ellen, My kids are teenagers now and they have everything they need, but they act like my husband and I don’t do enough for them.  We love our kids, but I think we may have gone too far with giving them everything they want.  I am thinking about […]