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Volunteers Needed

If you are interested in being a volunteer for Aware Central Texas, please contact Nancy Jane Holder, our Director of Volunteer Services. We are currently looking for : Family Coaches- working directly with families and helping them access resources. Education Volunteers – Teachers and Assistants   Please call – 254-702-0772 or email njholder@awarecentraltexas.org  

Exchange Parent Aide Model

The evidenced-based Exchange Parent Aide Model is a family home-visitation model. Parent Aides are trained, professionally supervised individuals (paid and volunteer) who provide supportive and educational, in-home services to families at-risk of child abuse and neglect. Exchange Parent Aides act as mentors and provide intensive support, information, and modeling of effective parenting — all in […]

Parent’s Corner – Girls That are Mean to Boys

  3-6-17 Dear Sue Ellen I hear and see things on the internet and TV about girls that are mean to other girls.  But what about girls that are mean to boys?  My 14-year-old son is crazy about his first girlfriend but she is really mean to him.  He can’t see past her beauty to […]

Leadership Belton 2017

Aware is so fortunate and thankful to have been selected as the project for the Leadership Belton  class of 2017. This project, upon completion, will provide a temporary relief house and a safe place for victims of domestic violence, assist agencies in providing comfortable and secure space while they begin the relocating process along with […]

Parent’s Corner- Eaters of Strange Things

  2/26/2017   Dear Sue Ellen   My 2-year-old daughter eats paper.  The other day I found her digging in the garbage and eating newspaper.  She eats toilet paper, newspaper, paper towels and anything paper she can get her hands on.  I scream at her and tell her to stop, but she won’t. Lindy   […]

The NO Word

  2-20-17   Dear Sue Ellen   I was at the park with my grandson a few days ago, and a little boy walked over to my grandson and pushed him down for no apparent reason. The boy’s mother saw the whole thing and I was shocked by her reaction.  She didn’t scold or correct […]

Parents Corner – Whining!

Dear Sue Ellen   When my daughter turned 13 she became a world class whiner.  She whines about dinner, her hair, doing homework, spending time with her family.  You name it, she whines about it.  Is there any cure for this ailment? Wit’s End Mom     Dear Wit’s End Mom,   It is not […]

Parent’s Corner – Grannies Gone Wild

  Dear Sue Ellen   I love my 72-year-old Grannie, but I am thinking about grounding her.  Grannie and her (equally-as-old) best friend, Mama Millie, took my daughter for the day.  They told me they were going to the flea market.  When they brought my daughter back her clothes were dirty, she had fake tattoos […]

Prevention Education Coordinator needed!

POSITION:             Prevention Education Coordinator Location:                  Belton, Texas     Duties:       The Prevention Education Coordinator will be responsible for, but not limited to the following tasks and responsibilities:   Conduct anti-victimization education and other related programs that promote child abuse/family violence prevention Provide instruction […]