Support when needed!

Getting support for yourself and your children can help you move toward a healthier future-even the smallest step is something to celebrate.

While local and national domestic violence programs can help with safety planning and provide referrals to safe shelters, they also provide services for women who may not want or be ready to go to a shelter. Many programs have:

♦ Drop in support groups for women and programs for children.

♦ Classes to build confidence, plan for the future and support your parenting- call Aware to find out what’s available.


How is your health, how are you coping? Ask your self:

Do I feel so sad that I can’t get out of bed? Or take care of the baby?

Am I smoking more to try to calm myself?

Am I using alcohol. prescription medications, or other drugs to make the pain go away?

Do I ever feel so sad that I have thoughts of suicide?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, it may be the result of chronic stress. Talk to a family coach about how to get help.