Parent’s Corner – Big Imaginations


Dear Sue Ellen,

My 4-year-old son, Timmy, tells me stories that I know aren’t true.  Granted, sometimes they are funny.  He told me that an eagle flew into our back yard and had an American Flag stuck in his tail feathers. Do eagles even have tail feathers?  The other day he dropped his cereal on the floor; the bowl broke; milk and cereal went everywhere, of course. When I asked him about it he gave me one of his lengthy explanations.  The short version is that a little boy about his age, who looked a lot like him, walked into the kitchen and was going to steal a bowl of cereal, but Timmy heard him; ran and got his Star Wars laser; and turned the boy into a skunk that knocked the cereal over and stunk up the whole kitchen.  Timmy said his laser was able to get rid of the skunk and his odor, but his laser didn’t like to clean up messes on the floor.  When he tells these stories he will argue they really happened.  Should I be concerned about Timmy’s big imagination?


Dear Mommy-B

Storytelling is an old folk art.   Maybe your little one is going to grow up to be the next Mark Twain of his generation.  I wouldn’t worry too much about his delightful imagination, but I would suggest that you don’t let him watch too much TV.  There is so much awful stuff being shown, even on kids’ channels, that a boy with an imagination like your son’s could be pure trouble for him, and everybody around.  I am imagining it right now: it will start simple “I need a Spiderman Suit”, he might say.  Then it will grow into “I need a scientific laboratory so I can clone the cat”, or “I need my very own Tiny House on Wheels so I can drive to the wilderness and live with Bigfoot”.  (Whew!  I’m ready for a nap!)

At some point in time (sooner better than later) you will have to start teaching your son the difference between telling stories and telling the truth.   There is a time for both.  Stories are great as long as everybody knows it as a story and not the gospel truth.

I like the way you wrote your concerns. Have you thought about keeping a journal for your little boy?   You could encourage him to tell stories while you write them down.  That happened to me when I was a little girl.  My mother documented one of the many stories I told her.  To this day, I cherish those handwritten pages.  It was a tragic tale about a ballerina that had two broken arms and two broken legs. I found it years later when I was helping my parents clean out their attic.  Where did a five-year-old girl, that only watched Captain Kangaroo on TV, ever come up with a story like that?  Sometimes I surprise myself.

Yep…keep your son away from too much TV.

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Christmas on the Farm Needs list

Christmas on the Farm 2016 - Flyer (ecdedios)Don’t forget!!!!

Needs for now: 

Gift bags for entry

Materials for paper airplane booth (paper/ instruction sheets)

Country Store/Bake Sale Needs:


Jelly Jars (pints or smaller)

Wrapped candy

Small toys for “grab bags”

Baked goods (check with Bernie/Belinda about type, size, etc)

Cake mixes

Brownie mixes

Gluten free mixes

Nestles Quick

Powdered Milk

Chocolate Chips


Powdered sugar


Corn pops

Captain Crunch

M&M’s (big bags)


All of items for COF must be delivered to office before Thanksgiving.


Parents Corner – Be Victorious!


Parent’s Corner

Be Victorious


Dear Sue Ellen,

My daughter is in the 5th grade and she wants to be a cheerleader so I signed her up for a gymnastics class.  A girl in the class is being very mean to my daughter.  They go to the same school, and the mean kid told my daughter she would never make the cheerleading team because she is ugly and nobody likes her.  Now my daughter wants to quit gymnastics.   She is so hurt by this.   Should I call that girl’s parents?


Worried Mom


Dear Worried Mom,

Have you ever seen people that want something really bad and start working toward that goal until it gets hard and they change their mind and give up?  Why do they give up?  I have talked to some experts about this, and it seems the general belief is people give up because they are defeated.  If your daughter truly wants to do this, she shouldn’t give up because some snotty girl said something mean.  As her parent, you have to believe in her and help her to remain undefeated.


I once asked a big-shot business person what was his secret to success.  His reply was “don’t give up”.  People that are successful have failed like the rest of us, but they get back up.  If they fail again, they get back up again.   Highly successful people are fearless.  They are willing to put all their energy into a goal or dream.   If they don’t reach that goal, they make a new goal and go after it.   In other words, they are not defeated.


As her mom, are you defeated?  I am sure you know that kids learn how to navigate through life by watching the adults around them.  Do you make goals and stick to them, even when it gets hard?


Here’s my wish for you and your daughter.  Be undefeated!  Help your daughter to focus on doing the best she can in her gymnastic class and celebrate all the new things she learns to do along the way.  Focus on the positives.  If the mean girl becomes a bully and threatens your daughter, you will have to intervene.  That would be the time to tell the owner of the gym, and if that doesn’t work, tell the mean girl’s parents.  They may be bullies too, so stand your ground, be courteous and don’t back down.  Be Victorious!



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Altrusa International of Temple awards Aware $400

Altrusa International of Temple gave Aware $400 towards new computers. We are excited to be expanding our Family coaching services. Harriet Brodie attended the regularly scheduled meeting where the hard working club awarded the check. Pictured are Theresa Reese, Beverly Luedke, and Dorothy Granfor, President.  Thank you, what a fun group you are!!img_20160913_120949434

New Activity for COF – The Great Treasure Hunt


Introducing the Pirate booth at Christmas on the Farm!! We need a “humpty back” treasure chest, if you have one that we could use. We think this is going to be great fun…..argh!

Exchange Clubs of Killeen & Temple/Belton- Donate Books


Will you look at these books? Dick Young & Cara Morris representing the Killeen & Temple/Belton Exchange Clubs stopped by to donate these beautiful library books to Aware for our Christmas on the Farm event to be held December 3rd at the Bell County Expo Center. We have a booth where children can get a book for a nominal cost. We are thrilled to get this donation to have them available for kids. Reading is such a wonderful activity with your children. It is important in so many ways. We need donations of books, stuffed animals, small gift items to help make this event happen. Give us a call, if you’d like to be a part of this wonderful event. 254-939-7582(105)

Planning Underway for COF 2016



Yes, it’s time to plan for this year’s Christmas on the Farm! This is from our first meeting. This will be our 10th year and we are planning for it to be the best yet. Thank you committee members Helen Alexander (chair), Ellie Cornell, Kisena Anderson, Jerry Goodman, Mark Hyde, Linda Guerrero, Debra Stapleton, Bernie Curry. We appreciate you!

So much work goes into making this a wonderful event for children. Yes, it’s a fundraiser to help us in our mission but all of us want children to have a memorable and fun day. Call 254-939-7582 (105) if you’d like to help us by being a sponsor or volunteer for this event!


Loud Kids

Dear Sue Ellen,

I am fed up with parents that let their kids scream in public places like restaurants and stores. Would you please send them a message for me? Tell them we are tired of parent’s not dealing with their kids in public places. Thank you.

– G.L.

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