Where is Currier & Ives?

Dear Sue Ellen,

I am the proud grandmother of 6 grandkids. I love Christmas, but it just isn’t the same for me as when I was a kid. I don’t know if you ever saw those Christmas Cards with pictures by Currier & Ives where families were having the perfect holiday? That was my childhood. Something seems to be lost from those simpler days. I would like to give my grandkids special memories like that, but they don’t seem interested. Any suggestions?

– Nana


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Stress Wrapped in Christmas Paper

Dear Sue Ellen,

The holidays are always so hard for me. My kids want more stuff than I can afford to buy. We always spend more money than we should. We invite relatives over for Christmas dinner that we really don’t enjoy being around. I wish I could erase the month of December from my calendar. Do you think calling off the holidays altogether qualifies me as a neglectful parent?

– Stressed Out Mom


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