Terror at Wal-Mart

Dear Sue Ellen,

Would you please send a message to parents that don’t control their kids at Wal-Mart? I am sick of going there and being terrorized by them!

– Frustrated Shopper


Dear Frustrated Shopper,

I’m on it!

Dear Unruly Parents and Children,

You probably don’t think you or your children are unruly, so here is some helpful information.

The definition of unruly is: not readily ruled, disciplined, or managed.

Here are some examples of unruly behaviors; (and NO…it isn’t cute!)

  • Throwing hissy fits because you can’t have what you want
  • Pulling things off shelves and not putting them back;
  • Screaming loudly
  • Chasing each other in the store
  • Bumping into others in the checkout line
  • Taking 2 parking spots
  • Throwing dirty diapers in the parking lot for somebody else to pick up

If you are an unruly person with unruly kids we want to scream at you! We want to push you out of the way with our shopping carts. We want to roll our eyes and say to fellow shoppers in our most sarcastic voice, “Aren’t they precious.” But we won’t do any of those things because we don’t want to be unruly people contributing to the stress and chaos of the universe. Do the world a favor and restrain yourself and your kids!

Truly Yours,
All Terrorized Shoppers


– Sue Ellen